Erie County Conservation District

Mission, Vision & Board of Directors

Mission Statement

Erie County Conservation District is a service based organization providing for the conservation of natural resources and the creation of a healthy environment. We educate local residents, municipalities, landowners, educators, and organizations that are involved with or concerned about wise environmental stewardship.

Vision Statement

The Erie County Conservation District strives to become a leading conservation organization in Erie County to provide assistance, management, and education for the wise use of our natural resources.

Board of Directors

John Hallenburg, Jr. – Chairman
Bob Buhl – Treasurer
Francis Surovick - Farm Director
Dean Curtis - Farm Director
Deborah Phillips – Farm Director
Sue Moyer – Public Director
Dan Hall - Associate Director
Brian McNamara – Associate Director
Kathy Dahlkemper – County Executive
John Green - DEP Representative

2013 Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors

ECCD Staff

Tom McClure – District Manager
Gene Clement – Technical Resources Manager
Joseph Hudson – Watershed Specialist
Bethany Fritz – Agriculture Specialist
Brian Zeppenfeld – Coastal Zone Specialist
Amanda Shreve – Office Manager
Kristen Currier – Environmental Educator
Ryan Nageotte - VinES Field Technician

The Erie County Conservation District began in 1949 by farmers in response to then-current unsustainable farming practices. The goal was to create an organization that promoted environmentally sound, sustainable agriculture. Today, the Conservation District services have expanded to include not only agriculture, but also waterway conservation, Best Management Practices for construction, and environmental education for all ages. Our highly trained staff is available to assist residents of Erie County and beyond in their goal to discover and follow ways to wisely use our land and water resources.