Erie County Conservation District

Cost & Scheduling

Our school programs focus on grades K-12, but also include Pre-K and post-secondary educational opportunities. The programs and activities offered are built in conjunction with the PA State Standards for Environment and Ecology. Along with our regular programming, we also offer custom lessons and activities suited to your group’s needs. Our focus is to help create positive relationships with the environment, resulting in better stewardship of our surroundings. We look forward to working with you!

Please keep in mind that programs continue in sun, light rain or snow; please prepare and dress accordingly.
Programs at Headwaters Park run 1 1/2 hours. However, you can choose to combine two programs for a full day and bring a pack lunch. Each program includes time out in the park and on the trail - please dress appropriately!

Stream Study available in April, May, September and October.


Park visit: Chaperones/advisors are welcome at no cost. Minimum $50.00/per group for 1 ½ hours, $90.00 for 3 hours or programming.

  • 1.5 hours - $3.50/student.
  • 3 hours - $5.50/student.

School visit: 1 hour - $30.00 + $.55/mile (prices are per classroom, per instructor)

For more information

Contact our Environmental Educator via email or 814-825-6403 to schedule your visit.

We strive to make every student’s visit a unique and memorable experience. It is our hope that visitors leave with a better understanding of our natural surroundings.