Erie County Conservation District

High School Envirothon


What is the Envirothon?

The Envirothon is designed to give high school students an opportunity to acquire and demonstrate knowledge of environmental resources and their connection to each other and human activity. The student teams are challenged in the areas of Aquatics, Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Wildlife and a current environmental issue. In order to participate, a school team must have 3-5 students and an advisor. It's a great opportunity to build teamwork, learn environmental knowledge that pertains to our daily lives, and meet professionals in the environmental field.

General McLane at the state competition

Who can participate?

Any Erie County school district can put together up to 5 teams of 3-5 students grades 9-12. Homeschoolers and cyber school students may also form teams. For schools outside of Erie County, please contact your county's conservation district for information on your local event.

Forestry Station

How does a team prepare for the event?

Studying for the event depends upon the schedules of students and their level of interest! Information for the upcoming spring event usually is available on the state website in the beginning of November. Some teams find it easier to study at school during a common time, or they may meet after school at a separate location. Advisors can be a great help in organizing meeting times and coordinating study sessions and field trips.

Working as a team

What is the event like?

The day begins with registration and last minute questions and team prep. We are fortunate that the Erie County event is able to be held, rain or shine, within Headwaters Park. Student teams spend the morning working through written challenges in each station (Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatics, Soils/Land Use, and the Current Issue). Following the morning event, a picnic lunch is provided for the students and advisors, followed by awards and pictures!

Aquatics Station

What do the winners receive?

The winning team will move on to the state competition a few weeks after the county event, representing Erie County. This experience is a whirlwind of activity and students return simultaneously exhausted and energized. Each winning team participant is also awarded a scholarship to the Penn State Conservation Leadership School in the summer.


Winning team trophy

Why should a school get a team (s) together and participate?

The Envirothon event is FUN! Teams have a great time leading up to the event, preparing and studying in creative ways. The morning is spent in a beautiful outdoor classroom, working with classmates and meeting professionals in environmental careers. Free t-shirts and lunch for each participant can't be beat!

If your school would like to participate please contact Erie County Envirothon Coordinator at 814-825-6403. Click here for more information on the Envirothon

Envirothon Resources:

  • High School Envirothon Sponsorship Form 2018 (162.53 KB)
  • High School Registration Form (198.21 KB)
  • High School Envirothon Flyer 2018 (917.82 KB)
  • High School Envirothon Rules and Regulations (10 KB)
  • Agency Contacts (190.96 KB)
  • Soils Study Guide (940.37 KB)
  • Teacher Resource Packet (626.1 KB)
  • Erie County Envirothon 2018 – Thursday, May 3rd

    General McLane High School took the win this year, earning a spot at the state competition. Teams from General McLane High School were a close second and third place. The five members from the winning team competed at the state competition in late May to earn 22nd in the state. Congratulations General McLane – what great representation of your school and our county!

    First Place 2018 - General McLane High Schooll

    Second Place 2018 – General McLane High School

    Third Place 2018 – General McLane High School


    Our sponsors are imperative to the success of this program.  Their gracious donations assist with programming, hosting the event, and providing for the scholarships and prizes awarded to winning teams.  To become a sponsor for future Envirothons, download the Envirothon Sponsorship Form:

  • High School Envirothon Sponsorship Form (162.53 KB)

  • Sponsors for the 2018 Erie County Envirothon include:

    • S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie * Wegmans * Erie County Conservation District * Erie Insurance * Shearer's Snacks *