Erie County Conservation District

Scout Programs


We can work with your girls on their Journeys! Programs are available and customized for your troop's needs for the It's Your Planet - Love It! series

Daisy Scouts - Between Earth and Sky

Girls will explore their surrounding, particularly gardens and living things (including our vermicomposter!). Sharpening their powers of observation, girls will begin to develop their understanding of how our environment works and our relationship with it.

Girl Scout Butterfly/Pollinator Garden project

Brownies - WOW Wonders of Water

Using Headwaters Park as our playground, girls will explore the Mill Creek Watershed and dive into the water cycle, the importance of clean, natural water, and how it has an effect on our daily lives.

Juniors - Get Moving

Junior scouts will explore our energy consumption, both on an individual level and as a community. Various types of atmospheric pollution will be addressed, plus ways we can make a difference in our own home.

Cadette - Breathe

This journey focuses upon the air around us and ways to recognize problems and various solutions. Girls will also explore the importance of finding a personal space in nature and how it can have a positive affect on their health.

Girl Scout Pollinator Garden project

Senior - Sow What?

Senior scouts have the opportunity to explore a very personal matter - our food! Exploring ideas such as healthy soil, composting, and the term locavore, girls will leave with a better understanding of how food affects their health and the variety of options available to them.


Wolf Cub - Your Living World

Scouts will begin to discover the difference between trash, recyclables, and compost by completing activities on the trail and through storytelling.

Bear Cub - Sharing Your World With Wildlife

Scouts will explore the diversity of our local wildlife and complete activities on the trail and in the Discovery Room, finding out just what lives here!

We also offer activities to help complete the following badge requirements:

  • Nature Crafts
  • Water and Soil Conservation

Soil Conservation program


  • Forester - Scouts will have the opportunity to explore and learn about 'all things tree' here at the Park.
  • Naturalist - Through game and activities, scouts will explore the interrelationships within nature, including human interaction.

Boy Scouts/Eagle Scouts

Scouting at this level can be a group or individual pursuit. If a scout troup would like to schedule a visit with a specific badge or goal in mind, please contact us for a custom program. Scouts with specific environmental interests or projects they would like to study or accomplish are welcome to talk with staff about opportunities.

Forestry hike


Programs will continue in light rain and snow - please dress accordingly!


Scout programs are 1 1/2 hours in length. However, on Saturday mornings you may choose to schedule two programs back-to-back for a 3-hour adventure. The fees for a 1 1/2 hour experience are a $50.00 facility charge per group with an additional $1.00 per scout charge.**

Programming takes place onsite at Headwaters Park. Badges are not included.

Please notify the District five days prior to scheduled date if needing to cancel a program. A cancellation fee may apply if notification is given in less than five days.

**Prices in effect as of fall 2009 and are subject to change.