Erie County Conservation District

Stream Study

Our school programs focus on grades K-12, but also include Pre-K and post-secondary educational opportunities. The programs and activities offered are built in conjunction with the PA State Standards for Environment and Ecology. Along with our regular programming, we also offer custom lessons and activities suited to your group’s needs. Our focus is to help create positive relationships with the environment, resulting in better stewardship of our surroundings. We look forward to working with you!

Our EmRiver stream table is a wonderful way to explore the inner-workings of streams, stream flow, and point and non-point source pollution. It is available for programming for grades K-12. Due to it’s interactive nature, the stream table is only able to effectively accommodate 12 students at a time. It does travel and can be set up in a variety of locations – call for details!

Stream Table – available for full day reservations only - $100.00/day, including staff and activities

For more information

Contact Kristen Currier via email or 814-825-6403.