Erie County Conservation District

Landowner Resources

Below is a list of helpful links for farmers and landowners alike:

NEW Homeowners Guide to Stormwater BMP Maintenance Booklet" What you need to know to take care of your property.

Erie County Recycling Answers to all questions in Erie County and municipalities regarding recycling rules and opportunities.

Green Erie PA An up-to-date site sharing information about environmental steps, projects, and ideas in Erie, PA.

Carton Recycling Information on how to recycle various types of cartons (milk, juice, soups, and more) and bring this venture to Erie County!

Backyard Conservation Tips A great source of information for all landowners who wish to practice backyard conservation!

Rain Gardens This website describes the benefits of a rain garden and walks the reader through the steps to build and maintain one.

Landscaping with Native Plants in PA Native plants help create beautiful landscapes that provide wildlife habitat and reduce maintenance costs.

Organic Gardening Interested in growing your plants organically? This is the place to find tips on compost, worm bins and gardening for wildlife.

Preventing Runoff Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) tips on preventing non point pollution from entering bodies of water.

Back Yard Water Feature Have a stream or pond in your backyard? Here are some tips to keep your water feature clean, healthy and natural.

Septic System Downloads A site to find links to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website, manuals, and more informational when caring for your septic system.

Master Well Owner Network At this site, volunteers promote the proper construction and maintenance of private water systems.

Tips to Save Energy and Money Find summer and winter time tips for energy conservation plus cool summer time recipes.

Department of Energy Everything from energy tips to building an energy efficent home.